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Luxe Sealed Cartridge System

Sealed cartridges allows for a convenient way to replenish an empty dispenser while keeping contaminates from infecting the soap.
Multi-Clean makes two soaps including Fresh Scent and Forest Rain for use in the new soap dispensers.


Luxe Foamy Soap Sealed Cartridge System. Foaming hand and body wash with fresh fragrance, in sealed 1,000 mL cartridges, are easy to install. Sealed refills eliminate potential contamination.

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Skin Care Products That Can Save You Money

Multi-Clean makes a full line of Multi-Fresh foaming hand soaps. Foam soaps offer cost savings over traditional liquid soaps and provide an even better hand washing experience.
The Multi-Fresh foaming soap line includes Green Isle Green Seal Certified Foam Soap, Fresh Foaming Soap, Foamy Pro Antimicrobial Soap and Sani-Foam Hand Sanitizer.
Multi-Clean makes several liquid soaps including Pink Hand Cleaner and Lotionized Liquid Hand Soap used through traditional liquid soap dispensers.

Multi-Fresh Foaming Hand and Body Soaps

Multi-Fresh Soaps produce rich lather that gently cleans skin. Formulated from mild, naturally derived coconut, palm, and corn plant ingredients. Save money with these foaming soaps, replace liquid soap and save as much as 75%.

Fresh Foaming Hand Wash

Delivers rich foam when dispensed through foaming hand soap dispensers.

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Foamy Pro Hand Wash

Foamy Pro Antimicrobial Hand Wash
With PCMX is a mild hand cleaner proven as a germicidal agent that helps reduce germs and bacteria on your hands.

Learn More About Foamy Pro Here


Foaming Hand Sanitizer
Foaming, Non-alcohol, hand sanitizer that helps reduce germs and bacteria on your hands.

Learn More About Sani-Foam Here

Green Isle Foaming Body Wash

Rich moisturizing foam with citrus fragrance certified by Green Seal. Learn More About Green Isle

This product meets Green Seal™ Standard GS-37 based on effective performance, concentrated volume, minimized/recycled packaging and protective limits on: VOCs and human & environmental toxicity.

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Lotionized Hand Soap

Luxurious mild cleaner with rich lather and a pleasant fragrance. It's gentle cleansing formula effectively cleans your hands, yet is very gentle to your hands.

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Pink Hand Cleaner

With lanolin and aloe is a mild formula that is gentle to your hands, yet cleans effectively. It is easy rinsing, leaving hands feeling clean and moisturized. Use in any refillable liquid hand soap dispenser. Floral Fragrance.

Learn More About Pink Hand Cleaner
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Multi-Fresh Bulk Fill Soap Dispensers

Air-infusing system dispenses 0.7-mL of thick, rich foamy soap per pump. Refillable Bulk Fill Cartridge 1200mL (40.5oz) included.
Item 421915

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