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A white paper is an authoritative report or guide that often addresses problems and how to solve them. White papers are used to educate readers and help people make good decisions.

Hot Water Cleaning

ChemicalFreeStripping When water is heated, the heat energy causes water molecules to oscillate rapidly. This rapid molecular motion causes the hydrogen bonds to weaken and the distance between the water molecules to increase. This is why solutions are less dense at higher temperatures. White Paper

Chemical Free Stripping: Considering the Possibilities

ChemicalFreeStripping Can finished floors be stripped without the use of chemicals? The author of this white paper examines the chemistry of conventional floor stripping and compares this to claims of Chemical Free Stripping. White Paper


Electrostatic How to disinfect using electrostatics. White Paper

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Healthy Schools = Healthy Minds

Healthy Schools
Learn about specific facility maintenance strategies to improve the health of the indoor environment with the potential for increase student performance and reduce absenteeism.
White Paper

Cleaning for Health in Healthcare Facilities

Cleaning for Health Learn the latest about how green cleaning can help hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities create a healthy environment for patients. Addresses the most common HAI (Healthcare Acquired Infections) and references current approaches for control and reduction. White Paper

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Chemical Free - Reality or Marketing Hype?

Chemical Free Reality Go back to the simple idea of washing your hands. Soap works because it transforms ordinary water into an effective cleaner by lowering the surface tension of the water and allowing it to suspend dirt from your skin. You won't get these results by washing your hands with Chemical Free Systems. Why should be we expect it to work on cleaning surfaces? White Paper

Magic Water

MagicWater Can a powerful cleaner be produced by passing an electrical current through normal tap water? The authors of this white paper examine the concept that has been incorporated into devices being sold and marketed under the names H2O and Activeion. They then apply some scientific principles to help people make their own decisions about this new technology. White Paper

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LEED the Way to Green

LEED the Way to Green This White Paper is titled LEED the Way to Green and helps readers understand the LEED-EB green building rating system and the associated green cleaning requirements of the standard. Whether or not your facility is pursuing LEED-EB certification, understanding of the LEED-EB standard offers an excellent blueprint for any facility that wants to adopt sustainability practices. White Paper


Sustainability Cover Many public and private organizations are looking for ways to become more sustainable in their daily functions. One of the simplest and least costly ways is to look at the cleaning process. Sustainable green cleaning practices look at the products and the process used in cleaning. This white paper discusses sustainable cleaning practices and examines some of the differences in cleaning products that are considered green compared to those made from sustainable resources.
White Paper

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Greening Our Schools

Greening Our Schools In an era of tight budgets, there may be thoughts of placing green cleaning on the back burner. The reality is that going green should not cost more, and over the long run will cost less. The purpose of this White Paper is to provide the knowledge on how any school can go green while staying on budget.
White Paper