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Multi-Clean floor finishes are formulated with advanced acrylic co-polymers that include exclusive BMR Technology that imparts superior resistance to black heel marks and scuffing. Multi-Clean makes finishes for high speed burnishing, low speed spray buffing and for non-buff applications.

No floor care program is complete without an effective floor stripper. Multi-Clean makes high performance floor care products and strippers that will remove buildups and even strip heavily burnished films. Auxiliary products for floor cleaning, scrubbing, recoating and gloss restoration are also available.

The Certified Floor Care Program is a complete Green Seal Certified Seal/Finish cleaner and stripper that is great for schools and other facilities with green initiatives in place, including buildings certified to LEED existing building standards.

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LVT care cover


Cohesion Floor Coating is a new generation finish designed to reduce maintenance. It is a self polishing finish when regularly cleaned with an automatic floor scrubber and Cohesion SBR using an appropriate Clean and Polish pad. Learn More About the System here.

Cohesion Floor Coating technical data.


LVT Products

Endura-Shine Floor Finish


Endura-Shine is a dilutable mop-on rejuvenator and protector for all LVT floors that makes floors look like new by covering scratches, gouges, and wear patterns. Endura-Shine carries the UL Classified badge for slip resistance on Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT).

UL Certified Learn More About Endura-Shine Here

Zyme-X Cleaner

Zyme-X Cleaner/Degreaser is a bio-enzyme, all-purpose cleaner-greaser designed to power out dirt on all types of LVT. Zyme-X carries the UL Classified badge for slip resistance on Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT). Learn More About Zyme-X
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LVT care coverLearn More About LVT Products

Green Certified Products


Emerald Floor Finish

Emerald is based on a polymer cross-linking technology that does not require the use of zinc or other heavy metals to produce a durable, high quality finish with excellent long term removability. In addition, Emerald does not give off harsh ammonia fumes during application making this finish ideal for use in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and other areas where odor must be kept to a minimum. Emerald exhibits excellent burnish response using high speed and ultra high speed equipment.Learn More About Emerald Here

This product meets Green Seal® Standard GS-40 based on effective performance and protective limits on VOCs and human & environmental toxicity.


Century Maintenance

Century Maintenance- Neutral pH Cleaner

A neutral pH cleaner for daily floor maintenance of high gloss floors. Rinse free for mop or autoscrubber use. Does not leave a film, no extra rinse step needed. The excellent wetting and surface tension reduction allows Century to be used as an effective rinse aid after stripping. Green Seal certified. USDA C-1.

Century Maintenance Information - EN

Century Maintenance Information - FR

Letter of Guaranty


This product meets Green Seal™ Standard GS-37 based on effective performance, concentrated volume, minimized/recycled packaging and protective limits on: VOCs and human & environmental toxicity. Green

Ultra Stripper

Ultra Stripper

A deep penetrating, non-corrosive, non-butyl, non-caustic stripper that requires minimal agitation to emulsify and remove all types of floor finishes including semi-permanent. Low odor allows use in occupied facilities, great for health care environments.


This product meets Green Seal™ Standard GS-37 based on effective performance, concentrated volume, minimized/recycled packaging and protective limits on: VOCs and human & environmental toxicity. Green

Ultra-Stripper Information - EN

Ultra-Stripper Information - FR

Certified Program

Versatile Finishes


Splendor - All Purpose Finish

The Number 1 selling Multi-Clean finish. Splendor offers exceptional gloss and clarity in a durable, high wearing finish. Maintenance versatility allows Splendor to be maintained with high speed, ultra high speed and low speed equipment. 19% solids; non-yellowing acrylic co-polymer.

Learn More About Splendor Here


Decade 100 - High Solids Finish

Pour on the gloss with the high solid content of Decade 100. This finish stands up to high traffic and is maintainable with high speed or low speed equipment. Multi-Clean's unique SoilShield technology is incorporated into Decade 100 to repel soils and reduce dirt induced yellowing. 25% solids, non-yellowing acrylic copolymer.
Learn More About Decade 100



An aliphatic urethane fortified finish that provides superior gloss, durability, mark resistance, and repairability. Its exceptional versatility makes it ideal for use with all maintenance programs (non-buff to ultra high-speed).

Learn More About Dyno-Shine

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Acryl-Kote® Seal & Finish

This 17% solids, metal cross-linked seal, is composed of a special blend of polymers to seal porous floors and provide a foundation for all Multi-Clean floor finishes. Use on tile, terrazzo and other surfaces. BLACK MARK RESISTANT.
Learn More About Acryl-kote

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Ultra High Speed Finishes


Max Plus - Maximum Solids Floor Finish

Maximum solids floor finish provides outstanding gloss with fewer coats resulting in labor savings. 30% solids, acrylic co-polymer.
Learn More About Max-Plus

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Spray Buff/Non Buff Finishes


Multi-Matte Floor Finish - Low-Gloss Finish

Low Gloss - Low Odor, Multi-Matte Finish offers the performance of a highly cross-linked, durable floor finish with a matte finish. Use on floors where a high gloss shine is not desired. Use Multi-Matte Finish in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, supermarkets and other retail stores. Ideal for genuine linoleum floors.
Learn More About Multi-Matte


Premier - Low Maintenance Finish

The most durable Multi-Clean finish. Premier produces a tough shine that is nearly impossible to scuff and is impenetrable to black marking. Premier can be low speed spray buffed or simply re-coated periodically. 20% solids, non-yellowing acrylic co-polymer.
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RSB - Restore Spray Burnish

The versatile restorer that brings back a beautiful shine when used with all types of high speed equipment. Concentrate can be diluted for mop-on restoring, spray burnishing or even used through an automatic scrubber. Formulated to restore maximum slip resistance to floors.
RSB Information - EN

RSB Information - FR


Energize Plus - High Speed Spray Buff

A ready-to-use spray refinisher for use with high speed equipment. Produces a wet look gloss and enhances burnish response and productivity. Contains SoilShield dirt repellent to enhance soil resistance and cleanability.
Learn More About Energize Plus Here

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Blue Blazes

Blue Blazes - Concentrated Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Use for "Scrub and Recoat" of floors. Use on all types of floors such as; VCT, asphalt tile, rubber tile, vinyl, linoleum, terrazzo, concrete, sealed wood, marble, ceramic and quarry tile. Sassafras scent, Biodegradable, Environmental Solutions Product. USDA C1.
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Letter of Guaranty


Back to 7 - Neutralizer

Can be used after stripping traditional floors to neutralize excess alkalinity. Also excellent for removing ice melt residue from floors. Learn More About Back to 7



Fire-Storm Super Strength Stripper is the highest strength stripper available on the market today. Fire-Storm is designed to remove heavy finish buildups fast, leaving floors completely stripped the first time. Firestorm attacks and liquefies heavily burnished finishes without gumming up, making pickup of stripping solution easy with a wet dry vacuum or autoscrubber. Firestorm does not leave an alkali residue, so neutralizing is not necessary.
Learn More About Fire-Storm


Stampede Stripper

STAMPEDE is an economical aggressive floor finish remover with heavy-duty stripping action. It is formulated with a blend of non-butyl solvents and an odorless ammonia substitute. The result is effective cutting action in a dilution that requires less product usage.
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