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Multi-Clean's product development team continues to focus on high performance cleaning products that truly work. These include hydrogen peroxide cleaners, bio-based cleaners, neutral floor cleaners, restroom cleaners, all purpose cleaners and wood floor cleaners. Many of the products are certified by organizations such as Green Seal and the U.S. EPA Design for the Environment. Multi-Clean has also been recognized by the U.S. EPA as an Environmental Champion for eliminating certain ingredients from all of our products.

You will find products for some of the toughest cleaning tasks including grout cleaning, stainless steel cleaning, tile floor cleaning, polished concrete cleaning and gym floor cleaning. We also offer specialized products for removal of lime scale, smoke film, soap scum, graffiti, black tire marks, urine stains, grease and oil. We even offer odor eliminator products that deodorize as they clean!

Multi-Scrub - Creme Cleanser

Multi scrub

Ready to use, mild abrasive creme formula removes stubborn spots, soap scum, grease and grime from all restroom and kitchen surfaces with a damp sponge or cloth. Part number 902328.
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Stainless Steel Cleaner


Removes fingerprints and leaves a streak free shine. Water-based product, does not leave an oily residue. Treated surfaces are resistant to fingerprints. Part number 910538.

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X-Ray - RTU Peroxide Cleaner


The combination of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and biodegradable surfactants provides superior cleaning and deodorizing, yet is environmentally responsible. This is a spray 'n wipe cleaner for all surfaces found in homes, offices, schools, industry and/or food service.
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Eliminator lll


Spray & wipe cleaner for cleaning walls, plastic, vinyl, metal, ceramic, rubber, aluminum and stainless steel.

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Multi-Shine - Glass and Surface Cleaner


A non-streaking, pleasant to use glass and surface cleaner. Multi-Shine's mildly ammoniated formula combined with special solvents and detergents help penetrate greasy fingerprints, dirt, and soil for easy removal. Use on glass, mirrors, and polished surfaces. USDA C-1. 12 quart case part number 902308. Learn More Here

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Knock OFF - Permanent Mark Remover


Designed to remove permanent marks from desks, countertops, lockers, mirrors, restroom fixtures and partitions. Remove ink and permanent marker. 6 quart case part number 910028.
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Furniture Polish - Cleans and Polishes

Furniture Polish

A combination of waxes, detergents and solvents to clean and polish. Ready to use and is applied with a hand sprayer followed by polishing with a clean soft cloth. Clean and polish all types of sealed wood, furniture, paneling, woodwork, metal cabinets, and desks. Lemon scent. 12 quart case part number 910698.
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A multi-purpose biological digester/odor counteractant. Its blend of 4 different bacillus strains release enzymes to break down organic debris. Use as a drain maintainer and grease trap additive. Also great for urine and other malodors. Each gallon contains 190 billion enzyme producing micro-organisms. USDA C-1. 12 quart case part number 902258. Gallon part number 902253.

Bio-Power Information - EN

Bio-Power Information - FR

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Bio-Shine - Neutral Floor Cleaner


BIO-SHINE is a concentrated cleaner designed for resilient and natural stone floors. Bio-Shine is based on palm, coconut, sugarcane, and corn. Part number 910753. Learn More Here

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Blue Blazes - Concentrated Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Blue Blazes

Use for "Scrub and Recoat" of floors. Use on all types of floors such as; VCT, asphalt tile, rubber tile, vinyl, linoleum, terrazzo, concrete, sealed wood, marble, ceramic and quarry tile. Sassafras scent, Biodegradable, Environmental Solutions Product. USDA C1. Part number 910493.
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Century Maintenance

Century Maintenance

A neutral pH cleaner for daily floor maintenance of high gloss floors. Rinse free for mop or autoscrubber use. Does not leave a film, no extra rinse step needed. The excellent wetting and surface tension reduction allows Century to be used as an effective rinse aid after stripping. Green Seal certified. USDA C-1.

Century Maintenance Information - EN

Century Maintenance Information - FR

Letter of Guaranty


This product meets Green Seal™ Standard GS-37 based on effective performance, concentrated volume, minimized/recycled packaging and protective limits on: VOCs and human & environmental toxicity. Green

Double' O Seven - Peroxide Cleaner

Double O Seven

The one product for all your cleaning needs. The combination of hydrogen peroxide and biodegradable surfactants provides superior cleaning, deodorizing, yet is very environmentally friendly. Part number 902363. Learn More Here

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Grill and Oven Cleaner

Grill And Oven Cleaner

Ready to use clinging gel, removes grease and carbon build up from grills, ovens, and hoods. The clinging gel provides longer contact time to give better cleaning power on vertical surfaces. No solvents, No VOCs, Low odor. Part number 910453.
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Magico - Concentrated Deodorizing Cleaner


Magico is an amazing product that cleans and deodorizes in one step. Magico is the one product for all of your cleaning needs! Use on floors, walls, countertops and other washable surfaces. Great for restrooms, kitchens, office buildings, schools, retail stores or anywhere a deodorizing cleaner is desired. The long lasting lavender fragrance leaves surfaces smelling fresh and clean. Part number 908953.
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P-4 Truck Wash

P-4 Truck Wash

P-4 TRUCK WASH is formulated to remove road film, soot and grease from trucks and other heavy equipment without damaging vehicle finish or aluminum surfaces. It can be applied by pressure washer or with brushes. Part number 910975. Click Here to Learn More