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Clean-Team Restroom Care Training


This training program is self directed and is designed to help employees understand best practices for cleaning and maintaining a restroom. The Clean-Team Program is based upon the belief that well trained employees are able to clean a restroom better, faster and in a safer manner. Directions: Follow steps 1 through 8. Total expected time to complete is 90 minutes. Modules 1 through 3 are in the form of illustrated slide presentations. Videos are included as a short review of the general content and are optional. Two short quizes are offered after completion of module 1-2. A 16 question Final Exam is taken at the end of the program. To become Clean-Team Certified, trainees must get 12 out of 16 questions correct.

Step 1: Top to Bottom Cleaning
The student will learn about the process for complete cleaning of a restroom. Preparation of cleaning supplies, personal protective gear, and safety are all integrated into the most efficient methods for creating a clean, hygienic, and odor free restroom.

Step 2: Video-How to Clean Restrooms
This 3 minute video offers a review of the top to bottom cleaning of a restroom. (Note: Youtube maybe blocked by your organization, check to see if authorization can be provided).

Step 3: Quiz
Take this short quiz to help you retain key points learned in Module #1.

Step 4: Touch Up Cleaning
To maintain restroom cleanliness, it is necessary to monitor and conduct light cleaning as needed. In this module you will learn to follow a checklist and take appropriate actions to maintain a high standard of cleanliness.

Step 5: Quiz
Take this short quiz to help you retain key points learned in Module #2.

Step 6: Cleaning Problems & Solutions
Cleaning workers encounter cleaning challenges common to restrooms. This module highlights the most common problems and presents solutions that help workers do the job better.

Step 7: Videos
This series of 3 different videos helps students learn about pH and cleaning, shows how very dirty grout can be cleaned, and summarizes how to deal with persistent odor problems.

Step 8: Final Exam
The final exam contains 16 questions related to the training program. Students must answer 12 of the questions correctly to become Clean-Team Certified.