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Clean Team Multi-Task


This training program is self directed and is designed to help employees understand how to dispense and use Multi-Task products. The Clean-Team Program is based upon the belief that trained employees are able to clean better, faster and in a safer manner. Use this program and resources for new employees or for new Multi-Task installations. Directions: Follow steps 1-4. Total expected time to complete this program is 60 minutes.

Step 1: Watch the video “How to use the Multi-Task Dilution Control System”. This will provide a good overview of how this dilution management system is used.

Step 2: From the table below, review the How to Use sheet for the specific products to be used. Simply click on the How to use link. Next, repeat this process for the Safe Handling and Use for each product to be used.

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Product NameDescriptionHow to UseSafe Handling
007HDAll purpose peroxide cleaner007HD How to Use007HD Safe Handling
007DCAll purpose peroxide cleaner007DC How to Use007DC Safe Handling
2 Multi-ShineGlass and multi-surface cleaner2 How to Use2 Safe Handling
3 Eliminator
Spray and wipe cleaner3 How to Use3 Safe Handling
4 Foamy MACRestroom tub and shower cleaner4 How to Use4 Safe Handling
5 Century MaintenanceNeutral pH floor cleaner5 How to Use5 Safe Handling
6 Blue BlazesMulti-purpose cleaner6 How to Use6 Safe Handling
7 MagicoMulti-purpose cleaner7 How to Use7 Safe Handling
8 SBRScrub burnish restore cleaner8 How to Use8 Safe Handling
10 MC-10Food service sanitizer10 How to Use10 Safe Handling
12 HD Hi-FoamFood service degreaser12 How to Use12 Safe Handling
16 Neutra-ZymeCleans, consumes, freshens16 How to Use16 Safe Handling
17 Odor-RiteOdor counteractant with enzymes17 How to Use17 Safe Handling
18 Tri-FectaCleans, consumes, freshens18 How to Use18 Safe Handling
19 Enzy-CleanCleans, consumes, freshens19 How to Use19 Safe Handling
22 Bio-ShineEnzyme fortified daily floor cleaner22 How to Use22 Safe Handling
33 Soap ScumNon-acid foaming tub and shower cleaner33 How to Use33 Safe Handling
64 Millennium QRestroom disinfectant64 How to Use64 Safe Handling
70 Tough GreenAll purpose cleaner- degreaser70 How to Use70 Safe Handling
80 FuryDegreaser80 How to Use80 Safe Handling
128 E-FecticideFast Kill disinfectant128 How to Use128 Safe Handling
256 Century QHospital grade disinfectant256 How to Use256 Safe Handling

Step 3: Trouble-Shooting

Multi-Task Wall Unit:
Turn on faucet to full on position. Make sure the cap is secured hand tight to the container. Make sure tubing from concentrate into dispenser is free of kinks. Make sure tubing is primed so that chemical is visible in the clear tubing.

Multi-Task Easy Fill Gun:
Turn on faucet to full on position. Make sure the cap is secured hand tight to the container.

Step 4: QUIZ