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GHS and WHMIS2015 Formatted Safety Data Sheets

To learn more about the new GHS labels and safety data sheets, check out our GHS Training page.

Below you will find GHS and WHMIS2015 compliant Safety Data Sheets for all Multi-Clean Products. California’s state law SB 258, is known as the “Cleaning Product Right to Know Act of 2017”. The Act requires manufacturers of cleaning products sold in California to disclose the ingredients of those cleaning products to consumers on the product label, safety data sheet, and also online. The Cleaning Product Right to Know Act requires online ingredient listing and on-package disclosure. It does not require disclosure of the concentration of those ingredients, how the product is formulated, or how the product is processed. The product list below identifies the ingredient disclosure under SB 258 for each product, see section 15 for the ingredient disclosure data.

We also provide select Safety Data Sheets in Spanish and French.

For help understanding Safety Data Sheets, check out our Guide to Reading Safety Data Sheets.

AdobeReaderLogo56x56 Each SDS is a PDF file. To download and read the file, install your copy of Adobe Reader Here

All Product Safety Data Sheets


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