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Below you'll find videos featuring expert advice on cleaning products, valuable how-to's and learning resources, including how to make your restrooms shine, keep your carpets looking great and maintain your hard floors.

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Restroom Care

How to Clean a Restroom

Restroom Cleaning Chemicals

Remove Limescale & Soap Scum

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Floor Care

Maintain Floors & Eliminate Stripping

Deep Scrub & Recoat Floor Finish

How to Strip & Finish Wax Floors

Floor Care Project Calculator

Download this Excel spreadsheet to determine how much floor stripper, sealer and finish you will need to complete your project.

Pro-Active Floor Care Powerpoint

Download this PowerPoint presentation to learn about the floor care cycle and how to handle common floor complaints, including dull floors, slippery floors and more!
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Carpet Care

Clean Carpets & Remove Stains

Remove Odors from Carpet

The Recipe for Carpet Cleaning Success

Download this PowerPoint presentation to learn about creating and implementing a carpet care plan and get insider tips on vacuuming, interim cleaning, restorative cleaning, how to tackle stubborn stains and more! Carpet Care