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Unpleasant odors create negative impressions. A bad smell can make even a shining facility seem unclean and leave a poor impression of your business on clients and visitors.

We've created a line of odor control products that can tackle even the toughest smells on nearly any surface. Instead of simply masking odors, like most air fresheners and sprays, our odor control products neutralize odors at the source so they are completely eliminated and they won't come back. Made for hospitals, food processing areas, veterinary clinics, restroom odors and anywhere bad smells have the potential to form, Multi-Clean's odor control products will leave your facility looking and smelling fresh and clean so you always make a positive impression on clients.


Bio Power - Bio Enzymatic Neutralizer/Waste Digester

Bio Power Plus

A multi-purpose biological digester/odor counteractant. Its blend of 4 different bacillus strains release enzymes to break down organic debris including urine, trap and drain grease, vomit and blood stains. Each gallon contains 190 billion enzyme producing micro-organisms.

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Bio-Pumps deliver Bio-Power via timed dosing to traps and drains. Available in battery or AC power. More Information

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Urine odors and stains are one of the most recognizable and challenging malodors that defy simple solutions. PP-Gone is a Peroxide Powered Cleaner that destroys urine odors and stains on hard and soft surfaces. PP-Gone is not just for hard surfaces, the dye free formula is safe on soft surfaces including carpet, bedding, mattresses, upholstery and clothing. It makes a great laundry pre-spot for urine and other stains. PP-Gone works effectively on human urine and animal urine odors and stains.
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Part number 902578.

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Double'O Seven - Peroxide Cleaner


The one product for all your cleaning needs. The combination of hydrogen peroxide and biodegradable surfactants provides superior cleaning, deodorizing, yet is very environmentally friendly.
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Odor-Out - Deodorant Additive


A deodorant additive that can be used on any surface that is not harmed by water. ODOR-OUT is added to shampoos, cleaners and rinse water to control undesirable odors in hospitals, nursing homes, veterinary clinics, restrooms, food processing areas.
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Magico - Amazing Deodorizing Cleaner


Magico is used to clean walls, floors, desktops, countertops, partitions, ceilings, doors, fixtures, chairs, tables, cabinets, appliances, and more. Magico is also used to clean VCT tile, grouted, marble, granite, ceramic, laminated, wood, linoleum, concrete, quarry tile, terrazzo, vinyl, and vinyl composition tile floors.
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16 Neutra-Zyme


Neutral pH 7 Non-alkaline formula helps retain high gloss on finished floors. Simply the best cleaner for UHS programs. Use on VCT, vinyl, rubber, laminate, sealed wood, marble, grouted tile, and natural stone floors.

Neutra-Zyme is fortified with Bio-Zyme, a proprietary blend of bacterial spores and natural enzymes that provide superior cleaning power, both immediate and residual. The enzymes provide immediate consumption and neutralization of soils, while the bacterial spores remain on the surface and provide residual cleaning long after the cleaning.

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17 Odor-Rite Tropical Fresh


Concentrated odor counteractant uses neutralizer chemistry and leaves a tropical scent. Spray diluted product directly on odor causing source such as dumpsters, garbage cans, diaper pails, linen bins, portable toilets.
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19 Enzy-Clean


Enzy-Clean is a biological and enzymatic floor degreaser. It contains a synergistic blend of natural microorganisms that releases enzymes to consume and break down food, grease, and organic material. Greasy Kitchen Floors are no match for Enzy-Clean.
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