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Why Disinfect Your Car? Because Your Steering Wheel is Dirtier than a Toilet Seat

People tend to do a better job keeping their car exterior cleaner than the interior.  That can be a problem when we are talking about microscopic pathogen particles.  Even if you do a good job keeping your car neat, those invisible germs can build up if not removed. A study published
Magnified Germs

Disinfectants and Your Infection Protection

Disinfectants Promote a Healthy Environment Lately, there has been an increase in public concern over germs such as pathogenic bacteria and viruses. With this high concern, disinfectants have become a critical part of people’s cleaning routine. When used correctly, disinfectants can l

Check out our awesome how to video on How to Properly Disinfect Surfaces

We are all worried about germs. Some germs can make people ill, some can even be deadly. The use of products that claim to kill germs are often used incorrectly. The purpose of this video to educate you how to properly disinfect surfaces to kill potentially harmful bacteria and viral

Defining the Culture of Clean, What Culture exists in Your Organization?

The Culture of Clean is defined as the perception that building owners/managers/administrators create amongst staff on the value of cleaning and its relative importance. Like the political spectrum, the culture of clean within any facility ranges from proactive on one end to reactive

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Stay Healthy During Flu Season With the start of the school year, the threat of a swine flu pandemic and the onset of flu season, staying healthy this year may prove difficult. According to the Center for Disease Control, every year in the United States, on average: 5% to 20% of the p

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Five Critical Elements of Better Infection Control for Your Cleaning Department Whether facing a localized outbreak of MRSA, a regional outbreak of viral meningitis or a global outbreak of pandemic influenza, cleaners can play an important front-line role in containing the spread. But

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Hard Floor Care At Multi-Clean, Inc., we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help our clients keep their work places clean and safe. Floor care can be a large part of that effort for an office or work area. We carry a wide selection of floor care equipment. Definitions A

The Equation of Clean by Multi-Clean

In the Beginning Long ago, someone figured out that when it came to cleaning, old fashioned elbow grease by itself didn’t get it done very effectively.  Then came the magic of chemical surfactants that when used in tiny amounts in water, created a powerful cleaning solution.  Th

Back to the Dark Ages of Cleaning?

Have you ever received a beautifully wrapped package only to find little or nothing inside?  This analogy might be how we could describe the OrbioSc-5000. Advertisements and pictures show workers happily filling scrubbers and spray bottles from a gas pump looking device that claims to

What is the best way to eliminate urine odor from carpet?

A persistent problem for carpet cleaners is removing the urine odor smell resulting from human or pet accidents on carpet.  That foul smell that we often associate with urine is not the urine residue itself,  it is bacteria that are feeding on the urine residue.  These bacteria are in