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What is the best way to eliminate urine odor from carpet?

A persistent problem for carpet cleaners is removing the urine odor smell resulting from human or pet accidents on carpet.  That foul smell that we often associate with urine is not the urine residue itself,  it is bacteria that are feeding on the urine residue.  These bacteria are inefficient consumers of waste and emit foul smelling by products.  The urine residue and bacteria hide deep down in the carpet, often penetrating the backing and maybe even into the subfloor. This is why the odor is so very difficult to remove.

Cleaning products have been developed that harness the power of bacteria to seek out and consume waste.  In this case, the bacteria are specially cultured, non-pathogenic bacteria that are much more efficient at consuming waste. In general, all bacteria decompose organic wastes by emitting compounds called “enzymes” that break down complex wastes into simple, bite size pieces that the bacteria can easily consume.  Best of all, the by-products from the waste consumption process from these special bacteria are completely ODORLESS.

To effectively remove urine residues and lingering odors from carpet, one has to employ some strategies.  First, if you don’t know where the original odor source /stain is lurking, a simple black light can identify the accident areas. Turn out the lights and turn on the black light to illuminate the urine residues.

Next consider that bacteria need a food source, moisture, and moderate temperatures to survive and thrive.  This doesn’t happen instantly, so time is an important factor.

Here’s the procedure:

  1. Isolate the affected areas ,if possible.
  2. Pre-wet the area by spraying with plain water
  3. Apply an enzyme / microbe containing product such as Multi-Clean Bio-Power Plus.
  4. Use a spotting brush to help the product penetrate to the base of the carpet fibers.
  5. Keep the area moist for as long as possible.  Placing a moist towel over the area for 8 hours or more helps, if this is practical.

Tip:  Use a carpet syringe to inject some of the spotter through the backing of the carpet.  Oftentimes, sub-surfaces such as plywood, concrete, or particle board can harbor these odors sources.

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