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Back to the Dark Ages of Cleaning?

Dark-Ages-Multi-Clean-Products-blog-150x150Have you ever received a beautifully wrapped package only to find little or nothing inside?  This analogy might be how we could describe the OrbioSc-5000. Advertisements and pictures show workers happily filling scrubbers and spray bottles from a gas pump looking device that claims to electrically convert tap water and salt into an effective cleaning product.

Below are some of our answers to questions you might receive from your own accounts:

Question 1:

What type of cleaning product is made by the Orbio 5000-Sc using only tap water, salt and electricity?

Answer:  The Orbio machine makes a solution of Sodium Hydroxide in water by passing electric current between two electrodes through a medium of tap water and sodium chloride (salt).  This process is well understood by chemists.  The Sodium Hydroxide solution is generated and collected as the “cleaner” into a secondary container for later use.  Orbio Technologies has coined the term split stream technology to differentiate it from the ech2oâ„¢ technology, and we believe, refers to the two distinct solutions that are created, the aforementioned sodium hydroxide solution, and the second  solution of acidic bleach, which is discarded.

Question 2:

How is Sodium Hydroxide used in cleaning products?

Answer:  The chemical called sodium hydroxide (sometimes referred to generically as caustic soda or lye) is an alkaline salt that is sometimes used as a raw material in cleaning products, primarily, alkaline degreasers. In cleaning products, chemists use Sodium Hydroxide to adjust the pH of a cleaning chemical formulation.  An alkaline pH in a cleaning formulation helps fortify cleaning power when dealing with greases and oily soils. Sodium hydroxide is classified as a salt that easily dissolves in water.  When the water evaporates, the residue left behind appears as a white powder or crystalline material.

Try this:  To see what the sodium hydroxide looks like, spray some of the Orbio 5000-Sc solution onto a dark colored surface, don’t wipe, just let it dry.  The white residue left behind is the sodium hydroxide.

In Orbio’s words The Orbio 5000-Sc cleaning solution effectively cleans most soils, including fats, proteins and organic oils. It matches or exceeds the performance of most conventional cleaners.



The Orbio 5000 Sc solution (less than 0.05% sodium hydroxide in water) has the similar poor wetting (high surface tension) characteristics of plain water.  Those of us that have sold cleaning products know that conventional cleaning products alter the properties of water by reducing surface tension, thereby making the solution flow over surfaces, penetrate cracks and crevices, and get under dirt to lift and suspend it from a surface.  Owing to the high surface tension of the Orbio solution, it is difficult to understand how this product can match or exceed the performance of most conventional cleaners.  However, OrbioTechnologies points to published third party testing to back their claims.

Orbio 5000-sc Sodium Hydroxide Solution Properties:

pH =  approximately 10 (mildly alkaline)

% Sodium Hydroxide:  500 parts per million (estimated concentration).

Surface Tension:  72 dynes per sq cm (estimated to be the same as plain water).

Conclusion:  Don’t be baffled; use your knowledge of this system to guide your customer to the best decision for their organization.


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