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Floor Scrubbers Burnishers Vacuums Finish Applicators at Multi-Clean, Inc.

Hard Floor Care

At Multi-Clean, Inc., we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help our clients keep their work places clean and safe. Floor care can be a large part of that effort for an office or work area. We carry a wide selection of floor care equipment.


Auto Scrubber

Auto scrubbers are an important piece of commercial floor maintenance equipment. Auto scrubbers can be used daily for cleaning floors made of concrete, ceramic, porcelain, stone, vinyl composition tile and wood tile. Auto scrubbers can apply cleaning solution, scrub, strip, clean, wet vacuum and squeegee the floor dry all in one pass. Auto scrubbers use batteries and motors and greatly reduce the amount of time spent cleaning large, open floor areas.


A floor burnisher restores the shine on a wax finished floor. It has abrasive discs (different colors for different applications) that “burn” the surface. This machine you usually walk behind and push like a lawn mower.

Finish Applicators

Even the best floor finishes will provide poor results when applied with an inadequate tool. That’s why we decided to start offering finish applicators. Whether you’re applying floor finish, disinfectants, sealer or any other liquid, you’ll not only get much better results but also unmatched labor savings.


A vacuum is a device that most everyone has in their homes in addition to their businesses. Industrial vacuum cleaners are essentially the same as the vacuum cleaners for the home, but they are tougher and more durable, because they have to withstand more extreme usage. An industrial vacuum uses two motors, unlike residential vacuums that use one motor. Industrial vacuum cleaners also use circuit boards to dispense power to the motors, which is more advanced than home systems.

Multi-purpose Machine

This is an all in one machine that can fulfill all of the functions served by a vacuum, auto scrubber, burnisher and finish applicator.

Multi-Clean is a manufacturer of a full line of janitorial supplies, cleaning chemicals, floor coatings, floor maintenance products and dilution control systems sold exclusively through authorized distributors worldwide.No matter what your floor cleaning needs are Multi-Clean, Inc. can provide you with the best quality at the best price. Call us today at 1.800.433.6816.

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