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Buying commercial cleaning products from mass retailers? Pouring money down the drain.

It is surprising how many businesses are relying on purchasing commerical cleaning products from warehouse clubs, big box retailers, office paper suppliers, and online retailers.   In fact, these big companies are actively marketing cleaning products to businesses.   Problems?  D

Choosing the Right Floor Cleaners and Chemicals by Multi-Clean, Inc.

Multi-Clean, Inc. is a manufacturer with a 72 year history of producing high performance cleaning and floor maintenance products for the commercial cleaning industry. We believe that the best way to maximize value to the users of Multi-Clean brand products is efficient delivery throug

Floor Scrubbers Burnishers Vacuums Finish Applicators at Multi-Clean, Inc.

Hard Floor Care At Multi-Clean, Inc., we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help our clients keep their work places clean and safe. Floor care can be a large part of that effort for an office or work area. We carry a wide selection of floor care equipment. Definitions A

The Equation of Clean by Multi-Clean

In the Beginning Long ago, someone figured out that when it came to cleaning, old fashioned elbow grease by itself didn’t get it done very effectively.  Then came the magic of chemical surfactants that when used in tiny amounts in water, created a powerful cleaning solution.  Th

Chemistry Works! How do cleaning products work?

Chemistry Works! How do cleaning products work? Every day, people use cleaning chemicals to remove dirt and unwanted contaminants from surfaces. Through the use of such products, surfaces are made more hygienic and the indoor environment is made safer for people.   Turning ordina

Commercial Floor Cleaning Chemicals | What is the best floor cleaning chemical by Multi-Clean?

Multi-Clean has been a trusted brand of commercial floor cleaning chemicals, detergents, degreasers and floor maintenance products for nearly 72 years.  We believe that the best way to maximize value to our commercial cleaning chemicals product line is to deliver Multi-Clean brand pro