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Multi-Clean is excited to introduce new packaging of our floor care products (finishes and strippers). The new 2.5 gallon Handi-Jug containers will be packaged 2-per case. This package replaces our 5 gallon Bag in a Box (BIB) packaging with no change in part numbers or pricing. This Handi-Jug is easier to handle and pour than a 5 gallon Bag In Box or pail making it perfect for Floor Finishes and Strippers. Customers will appreciate the translucent package that allows them to see the contents of the package and the graduation markings embossed on the spline.  
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Urine odors and stains are one of the most recognizable and challenging malodors that defy simple solutions. More than 50% of cleanliness complaints are about odors and URINE odors are the most frequent malodor mentioned. Multi-Clean PP-Gone is a Peroxide Powered Cleaner that destroys urine odors and stains on hard and soft surfaces. PP-Gone is not just for hard surfaces, the dye free formula is safe on soft surfaces including carpet, bedding, mattresses, upholstery and clothing. It makes a great laundry pre-spot for urine and other stains. PP-Gone works effectively on human urine and animal urine odors and stains.
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