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Selling Clean…Solving Problems Leads to Increased Sales

When it comes to selling just about anything, one might wonder why some sales people are so successful, and other are not. The sale of cleaning and maintenance products are no different.

Although, I think there are numerous qualities that make a good sales person, there is a couple of characteristics that seem to stand out:

The Best Sales People are Problem Solvers: A great sales person seeks out problems instead of avoiding them. (aka they know how to turn lemons into lemonade). When a customer or a prospect has a problem, they jump at the chance to be the one that helps them solve the problem.

Good sales people solve a customer’s problems because they know how to leverage the skills of others to assist them. They know they don’t have all the answers, but they know where to find them. Being a problem solver makes you more valuable and credible to your customer. Not only does this make them likely to purchase something from you, it instills loyalty that transcends price.

At Multi-Clean, we have a technical service department staffed with our own products development chemists that like to do nothing more than help sales people solve problems. We just find this service is underutilized. The successful sales people that do use it, understand the value of having such vast knowledge at their disposal.

The Best Sales People are Not Sore Losers: Great sales people are competitive and hate to lose. They definitely know how to take there lumps but don’t let a loss with one customer take the wind out of their sales. In fact, it strengthens their resolve toward one goal: Winning!

Below is a link to an excellent article on overcoming objections;

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