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White Paper: Chemical Free: Reality of Just Marketing Hype

Visit to view this and other white papers. At the recent ISSA show, attendees were subjected to numerous exhibitors marketing Chemical Free Cleaning Technologies. Apparently these companies weren’t told that ISSA Distributor attendees make a sub

Selling Clean…Solving Problems Leads to Increased Sales

When it comes to selling just about anything, one might wonder why some sales people are so successful, and other are not. The sale of cleaning and maintenance products are no different. Although, I think there are numerous qualities that make a good sales person, there is a couple of

Lynx are WNBA Champions

Lynx are WNBA Champions 2011 with help from Multi-Clean. Being from Minnesota, I guess we are a state that is starved for a sports team that wins it all.  Think Minnesota Vikings (1978 last Superbowl Appearance, lost 4 times), Minnesota Gopher Football (NCAA Champions, 1960), Minnesot

Investing in our Schools

  Whatever your political persuasion, the Obama Administration’s recently proposed American Jobs Act contains a component worthy of consideration. The $447 billion spending bill contains a provision to provide $25 billion to specifically upgrade the infrastructure of our K-

Back to School Time

As we prepare to re-open the doors to our public and private schools, it’s time to start thinking about how, as cleaning professionals, we can offer guidance on cleaning facilities more effectively and efficiently, while making the school healthier for students and teachers. Thi

A Carpet Care Challenge at a 4 STAR Hotel

One secret to increased sales is to solve customer problems and/or provide solutions that saves them money. This short success story does both. Problem: A four start hotel had thick, plush carpet in guest rooms that was WHITE. It doesn’t take much to show a bit of dirt after tur

Happy 65th Birthday Multi-Clean

How does a company survive and thrive for 65 years?  As Multi-Clean celebrates 65 years in business, we pause to reflect on our past and the prospects for the future. We think 65 years in business conveys a message to our present and future customers that Multi-Clean offers Stability,

Saving Money when it comes to Floors

The public’s perception of the overall cleanliness of a facility is still influenced by two things common to every facility. First, the condition of the restrooms tells a story.  If restrooms are not clean, it doesn’t say much for the rest of a facility, whether it’s