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Water Based and Acrylic Polymer Concrete Maintenance

ld1000Multi-Clean has been trusted by cleaning professionals since 1946. And it is no wonder that our concrete care maintenance products and water-based sealers are used by some of the largest facilities and institutions in Minnesota, and across the country. We understand the needs of a wide variety of industrial, institutional, business, educational, and health care facilities when it comes to top quality concrete care products and water-based sealers.

Although concrete floors may seem low maintenance and hard wearing, they can create a significant amount of dust that is created from foot traffic. This dust can be harmful to workers, electronic equipment, and will settle on any surface, making cleaning a more common and costly requirement. Sealing concrete floors dramatically reduces the dust that can lift from the concrete floor. Sealing a concrete floor will also help to protect the floor from wear and tear, will keep the surface looking good, will make cleaning up any spills much easier, and will also provide safety for users.

We offer a wide range of quality concrete care products, from water-based sealers with acrylic polymer coatings designed to seal and protect concrete floors, to heavy duty solvent-based coatings that offer durability and resistance to chemicals. Concrete floor sealers not only protect floors, but also brighten their surface, greatly enhancing lighting efficiency, reducing the amount of lighting required within the facility.

No matter what your flooring needs, if you have concrete floors within your facility, then our range of Multi-Clean concrete care products will suit. We supply a wide range of water-based sealers, floor cleaners, and floor finishers, all at a cost effective price. Give us a call on 651-481-1900 today, and speak to a member of our dedicated and experienced team who will be able to help you with your concrete flooring needs.

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