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Earth Day Challenge: Eliminate 2000 empty containers

Users of commercial cleaning products are being presented with new sales channels to purchase the products to maintain their facilities.  This article tackles a couple of big reasons why this is NOT a better way.

In honor of 2018’s recent Earth Day on April 22nd, we set out to quantify the environmental impact of using pre-diluted, ready to use cleaning products that are being promoted for use in commercial facilities.

Some of the largest logistics companies (office paper suppliers, wholesale clubs, big box retailers, online retailers, etc) have targeted cleaning products for use in commercial facilities as a growth opportunity to expand their business.  Companies such as Staples, WB Mason, Costco, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, HD Supply,  and of course Amazon, are marketing cleaning products to commercial and industrial facilities.

An angle many retailers are using is to promote brands and products that people use at home.  These retail store brands are often pre-diluted and sold in single use spray bottles, aerosols, or flip top containers.   We refer to these type of products as Ready to Use (RTU).

So let’s take a look at some of the environmental impacts and cost issues associated with using RTU products:

  • Almost ALL Water:  Ready to use products may often contain more than 99% water.
  • Excess Packaging:   RTU products come in packages that are tossed in the trash when empty.
  • Advertising:   Many RTU products are retail brands that are regularly advertised on TV.
  • Transportation Costs:  Shipping 99+% water is costly, plus it burns more fossil fuels

What a Waste!  How many empty bottles is too much?  Use the calculator to find how many bottles you can eliminate

To help understand the environmental impact as well as the costs associated with using RTU products, we developed a calculator designed to show how much empty bottle waste is produced in a year AND the huge cost savings associated with using a Dilution Control System.  The Dilution Control Systems are dispensers that precisely mixes concentrates with onsite water to produce a wide variety of cleaning products.

The Multi-Clean Waste Reduction and Cost Savings Calculator is based upon using our patented Multi-Task Dilution Control System.  The calculator will show how many single use RTU bottles are eliminated from the waste stream each year based upon a customers estimated usage.

Waste Reduction and Cost Savings Calculator

The results from an average example of 4 housekeeping products is SHOCKING.  An estimated 2000 bottles are thrown in the trash and the customer has spent nearly $9,000 on these products.  The savings are staggering with a dispensing system, with savings exceeding $8,000 annually.

It’s Simple:  Replacing an RTU glass cleaner with a single bottle of concentrated glass cleaner can eliminate 88 spray bottles from the waste stream.


More examples of how replacing RTU Cleaners with concentrates saves big money.


Estimated Retail Cost per quart (32 oz)


Cost per diluted quart (32 oz)


Glass and Mirrors


2 Multi-Shine



Bathroom, tub & tile


4 Foamy MAC



Disinfectant Cleaner


256 Century Q





3 Eliminator



Kitchen Cleaner $3.99 007HD $0.62 96%

But, do they work as well?  Concentrates, when diluted as directed are well proven, commercial grade products.

A chance to be much greener:  Consider the environmental impact of purchasing Ready to Use products sold in single use packages. Where do all those  empty bottles go?   Now think about using a concentrate to make cleaning solutions where the product is properly diluted every time.


How do you start saving money?  Multi-Clean makes a patented line of dilution dispensing equipment and products that mixes the right amount of concentrate with water to produce a complete line of cleaning products for floors, walls, bathrooms, and much more.  Third party green certifications give you the added value of reducing environmental impact.

Learn More by visiting our Multi-Task Dilution Control Webpage

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  1. Lee Paladin Reply

    The numbers are staggering: 4 homes = 2000 bottles. While we are a Commercial Janitorial Supplier we always try to reduce waste. In my own home we recycle everything but more importantly, we reuse as much as possible.

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