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Jan-San Market Trends 2017

A recent blog post from the Kline Group titled “Game Changing Jan-San Market Trends” offers a preliminary glimpse at an upcoming jan-san market trends study to be published by the Kline Group.  Multi-Clean was one of the many companies interviewed for the report titled:  “Janitorial and Housekeeping Cleaning Products:  U.S. Market Analysis and Opportunities”.

Some of the takeaways for in this blog post are shown below:

End Users are looking for the following:

  • Efficient cleaning chemicals that offer cost saving (Dilution Control Systems)
  • Sustainable and green products that promote worker safety (Third party certified green products)
  • Products that effectively clean with a wide range of uses (Hdyrogen peroxide and Bio-Enzymatic All Purpose Cleaners)
  • Floor care products that allow for less maintenance tasks, such as floor stripping  (More durable finishes like n0 buff products and lower gloss finishes).

Here is a link to the Kline Blog Post to learn more:  CLICK HERE





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