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Is Your Disinfectant effective against Norovirus?

Illnesses related to the Norovirus are all too common.  When someone indicates they have the “stomach flu” or “food poisoning”, the illness is usually related to Noroviruses.  This contagious illness is spread a number of ways including touching an infected person, touching contaminated objects, or consumption of contaminated food or water.  It rapidly spreads, especially amongst people in close quarters like Daycares, Schools, Cruise Ships, Hospitals and Nursing Homes.  Illnesses related to noroviruses are referred to as “gastroenteritis” which can cause  diarrhea, vomiting and stomach pain.

Just about everyone has at one time or another complained of stomach flu or felt they had contracted food poisoning.  While most healthy people recover, many of the most vulnerable to norovirus related illnesses are the very young and the elderly.  In these cases, the illness can be life threatening.

Did you know many disinfectants (including hospital grade disinfectants) are not effective on pathogens that cause Norovirus illnesses?  Most concentrated disinfectants do NOT have norovirus claims.  If you are concerned about norovirus, it is important to use a disinfectant that has demonstrated effectivness against the norovirus.  Other prevention and control measures can be found in the info graphic below and in the Norovirus key facts sheet.

Multi-Clean makes a number of products that are effective on Norovirus.  Visit our disinfectants webpage or click on the specific products.

Millennium Q:  A concentrated disinfectant effective on Norovirus.

Microcide TB:  A ready to use disinfectant that kills Norovirus in 30 seconds.

Century Q Wipes:  A wipe that is effective on Norovirus and kills 99.9% of bacteria in 15 seconds.

Norovirus keyfactsOpen this document to read some key facts about the Norovirus.

The infographic below offers prevention tips:
Protect Yourself and Others from Norovirus.


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