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Enhanced Cleaning & Disinfecting means Cleanliness is now a Business Differentiator

The NEED to CLEAN helps businesses succeed

The ongoing pandemic has opened the eyes of the public about the importance of facility cleanliness.  Many

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businesses are now viewing cleaning & disinfecting or ‘enhanced cleaning’ as a business differentiator and are working hard to capitalize on it and create a competitive edge.

Hotels and Restaurants, Rental Cars, Gyms, Vacation Rentals, Grocery Stores, Airports, Retail stores, public entertainment venues, and many other public facilities are all touting enhanced cleaning of their facilities.

Survey Says Clean WINS!!

A survey from Stratus Building Systems offers some illuminating findings including this… “94% of respondents want the businesses they frequent to put an extra emphasis on cleaning and sanitizing even after more Americans get vaccinated and the country continues to open.”
To view more results from the Stratus Building Systems Survey can be found at the bottom of this post.

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It’s not just about hospitality and retail, many businesses that have work from home employees want the employees to return to the office at least part time.  But resistance to coming back to the office is running high for a number of reasons, but some of the hesitancy is related to sanitation practices.

Why would I patronize one business over another?

Scenario:  Two apparently equal business competitors are vying for customers in a difficult market.  One business,an emblem titled Clean Safe looking for an edge, institutes an “enhanced cleaning” protocol to make people feel safe.  But it doesn’t stop there, these enhanced cleaning efforts are communicated through signage, advertisements, websites, and social media posts.  Employees and staff are trained to walk the talk by understanding what needs to be done and how to do it.  The other business does not institute any special cleaning protocols or communicate any cleanliness or sanitation guidelines.  Everything else being equal, people want to patronize a business that prioritizes cleanliness!

It’s About Safety…Cleaning is Essential

The pandemic has made the public realize the importance of cleaning.  It has been proven that cleanliness can improve indoor air quality and improve the health of occupants.  But cleaning can also help protect building occupants and visitors from contagious disease.  So when cleaning falls under the budget knife, decision makers now need to consider safety of clients, customers, employees, students and staff.  Lack of cleaning can impact employee retention and reduction in business from customers deciding to go elsewhere.

What is Enhanced Cleaning?

While there is no standard definition, we at Multi-Clean use the following:

Enhanced Cleaning

A commitment to use best practice sanitation methods that go beyond routine cleaning.”

The commitment comes from the business owner or management of the facility.  Using “Best Practice” methods, indicates a level of professionalism applied to the process.  During COVID, it is important to demonstrate that there is commitment to go beyond the usual routine cleaning.

Why is Enhanced Cleaning Important?  Its about SAFETY

MORE from the Stratus Building Systems survey states...

76% say they are willing to ask a business they frequent about cleaning practices even after vaccination

For most businesses and organizations, the enhanced cleaning efforts are undertaken to make people entering the facility feel safe.  It shows the business has gone above and beyond routine cleaning practices in an effort to give patrons the confidence to that they are not jeopardizing their safety.

Walking the Talk is Important…Making Cleaning Visible

To truly differentiate a business committed to enhanced cleaning they should make cleaning visible to the public.

The Public Will See Through The Fluff…The Devil is in the Details

Placing signage of your intentions and commitment are great, if and only if you follow through.  Right now, many businesses post signs about enhanced cleaning, but the follow through is not there, and the PUBLIC is WATCHING.

The 4-STEPS to Enhanced Cleaning Success!

Step 1:  Prepare & Train: Have available the tools, supplies, chemicals, and PPE to effectively clean.   Train

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employees on the correct methods.  Remember the public is watching!

What the CDC Says:  “Cleaning and Disinfecting Surfaces can help reduce the risk of infection.  The virus that causes COVID-19 can land on surfaces.  It’s possible for people to become infected if they touch those surfaces and then touch their nose, mouth or eyes.”  From the CDC publication Cleaning and Disinfecting Your Facility

Step 2:  Routine Cleaning:  Conduct routine cleaning operations.  Use dedicated tools and supplies to avoid cross contamination.  Use color coding and number coding whenever possible to make it easy to train staff.

What the CDC Says:  “Consider the type of surface and how often the surface gets touched.  Generally, the more people who touch a surface, the higher the risk.”

Step 3: High Touch Disinfecting:  To stop the spread of pathogens, frequent disinfecting of high touch point surfaces is recommended.  Follow the EPA’s 6 STEPS for Effective Disinfectant Use

What the CDC Says:  “Clean / Disinfect High Touch Surfaces at least once a day or as often as is determined necessary.  Use a disinfectant from the EPA List N that is effective against the virus that causes COVID-19.”

Step 4:  Make Hand Hygiene an integral part of the process

What the CDC Says:  Hand washing and the use of hand sanitizers are one of the best ways to reduce the risk of infection from pathogens including the virus that causes COVID-19. 

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