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The Nose Knows: Summer Heat brings out the smells

The smells from rotting food or other organic waste is created by bacteria that are decomposing the waste.  One of the most common types of odor causing bacteria are called “proteus vulgaris”.  These particular bacteria create foul smelling by-products as they consume the waste. 

To outsmart these smelly bacteria, consider using bio-enzymatic green cleaning products that contain specially cultivated bacteria designed to consume common organic wastes.  These products are far more efficient than proteus vulgaris bacteria in consuming waste and there are no smelly by-products.  The result is natural and effective odor elimination.

The graphic below shows how the specially cultivated bacteria consume waste by first releasing special enzymes to help break down the waste (fat, food, urine, feces, etc) to simpler compounds that can be readily digested by the bacteria.  This process makes these products a new class of green cleaners that harness mother nature to help clean more effectively.


Now, let’s take a look at where bio-enzymatic green cleaners can solve specific odor problems in the summer heat. 

Anything Trash related can create obnoxious odors in the heat.



Trash Dumpsters, Chutes, Compacters, Trash Cans, Receptacles.

What to do?  Regularly spray a bio-enzymatic product like Bio-Power Plus or Tri-Fecta into containers and chutes.  For Dumpsters, oftentimes odors can come from under the dumpster where overflow etc. is missed.  Always use a cover on trash receptacles containing food waste.

Tip:  Use a pump up sprayer to spray interior surfaces and make sure to spray underneath dumpsters.

Kitchens and Food Processing Operations

kitchen of the restaurant

Any food waste that regularly goes down the drain will undoubtedly create unsavory odors and build up in pipes.  Further, these foul odors can attract a variety of pests including house flies and fruit flies.

What to do?  Use a bio-enzymatic product like Bio-Power Plus to keep drains free flowing and odor free.  For greasy kitchen floors, use Enzy-Clean to break down grease before it hits the drain. By getting rid of the odors emanating from drains, pest problems can be greatly reduced.

Tip:  Use a programmable pump like the Bio-Pump that automatically doses drains with a bio-enzymatic product at times of low drain use.   Not only are odors eliminated, build-up of food waste in pipes is reduced and clogging problems are avoided.


Restroom odors are the #1 complaint and comprise more than 50% of all costumer cleanliness complaints.  A common complaint is persistent urine odors emanating from restrooms.


What to do?  The smell we associate with urine is really not the smell of urine, but rather the by-products of bacterial decomposition of residues that create the urine malodor.

Tip:  Apply a bio-enzymatic general purpose restroom cleaner like #18 Tri-Fecta on surfaces, particularly grouted tile floors.  A Touchless restroom cleaning system like the WAVE II allows you to spray surfaces directly with diluted product, making the process even easier.

Soiled Linens: Restaurants, hotels, healthcare

Soiled rags, bedding, towels, clothing are usually collected and stored prior to laundering.  These linens can be a source of foul odors, mildew, mold, and other unsavory odors.

What to do?  Consider spraying linen carts or other linen collection containers with a bio-enzymatic odor counteractant.

Tip:  Dilute #18 Tri-Fecta into a pump up sprayer and lightly mist soiled linens as they are added to carts or baskets.


Carpet can be found in many places because of its acoustic characteristics and ability to trap contaminants.  However, it can become a sink for odors that can be tricky to deal with.  Think about those faint urine odors only noticeable when the heat and humidity increase.

Golden retriever puppy looking guilty from his punishment

What to do?  Use a bio-enzymatic product for extracting carpets and spotting urine or other organic type stains.

Tip:  For specific pet accidents on carpets where the stain are not readily visible, locate the stain by using a blacklight.  Instructions for how to get rid of pet accident odors using Bio-Power Plus on carpet, CLICK HERE.

Matted Areas

Matting is often used in areas that are wet for safety and comfort.  Moisture under matting creates perfect conditions for breeding bacteria and promoting mold growth.

What to do?  Clean under mats daily to prevent build-up of bacteria and mold.

Tip:  Use a bio-enzymatic cleaner like #18 Tri-Fecta under mats and/or regular spray a bio-enzymatic product under matting.

Break Rooms / UniForm Rooms

Break rooms often have trash containers with food waste.  Soiled uniform storage and employee locker rooms can also be source of bad odors.

What to Do:  Use a general purpose bio-enzymatic cleaner like #18 Tri-Fecta for cleaning in break rooms.  Spray #18 Tri-Fecta into trash receptacles and into soiled linen storage containers.

Tip:  Warm or hot working conditions means workers sweat more, creating odor problems that emanate from unlaundered uniforms.  Spray laundry chutes or receptacles with a bio-enzymatic product.

Locker Rooms

Health club and school lockerooms can be a source of odors, particularly in the summer months were heat and humidity create the perfect breeding ground for odors related to sweat.

What to do:  Oftentimes a disinfectant will be used in locker rooms,  However, if odors caused by bacteria are deeply embedded into porous or absorbent surfaces, a disinfectant will not get rid of the odors.  Try using a bio-enzymatic all purpose cleaner like #18 Tri-Fecta on porous grouted tile and other surfaces where bacteria can hide.

Tip:  Lockerooms with carpet present an especially challenging odor problem in the high humidity summer months.  When extracting carpets, use a bio-enzymatic carpet cleaner to help mitigate “sweat” odors.

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