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Happy 65th Birthday Multi-Clean

How does a company survive and thrive for 65 years?  As Multi-Clean celebrates 65 years in business, we pause to reflect on our past and the prospects for the future.

We think 65 years in business conveys a message to our present and future customers that Multi-Clean offers Stability, Quality, Innovation and Success!

Stability:  A company that has survived through up and down business cycles, financial meltdowns, war, terrorist attacks, and other crises is a stable company. Customers trust stability because they have great confidence they will be there in the future.

Quality:  No manufacturing company can survive for more than 6 decades if they do not make a quality product. Think of all the companies that have gone away due to quality problems.  Ask the American auto manufacturers that barely survived the most recent recession about the impact and perceptions of quality.


Innovation:  Companies have to be nimble and adapt rapidly to change. Innovation, whether it results in a paradigm shift or is incremental is an important element in the success of any company.  Multi-Clean has a history of innovation.  Currently the company stands alone with a patented dispensing system that continues to blow away the competition.


Success:  Every company that has survived for a long time has tasted success.  Most often, long term success has been the result of hard work and the willingness to adapt and embrace change.


During this entire 65 year history, Multi-Clean has been committed to selling our product through professional distributors.  This is one thing we do not plan to change, because distributors bring value to the sales equation.

Trusted by Professional Distributors Since 1946

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