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A Carpet Care Challenge at a 4 STAR Hotel

One secret to increased sales is to solve customer problems and/or provide solutions that saves them money. This short success story does both.

grand beach guest room

4-Star Hotel, white carpet and upholstery creates cleaning headaches and an opportunity for problem solving!

Spraying ECO2Problem: A four start hotel had thick, plush carpet in guest rooms that was WHITE. It doesn’t take much to show a bit of dirt after turnover cleaning of the room. Because of the high appearance standards of this hotel, each room had to be

hot water extracted after each guest check-out. Of course the carpet took a long time to dry, delaying the turnover time for each guest room.

The Solution:  Multi-Clean ECO2 and the Minuteman Port-A-Scrub 12. After a quick dry vacuuming, the room was lightly sprayed with a 1:10 solution of ECO2, then scrubbed with the PAS-12 using the soft nylon brushes. The gentle Agitating with Port-A-Scrubagitation from the machine, along with the ECO2 loosens and then surrounds the dirt and detergent with a special brittle polymer. Within an hour, the carpet is dry and can be vacuumed to remove the encapsulated dirt and detergent residues.

The Results: The natural odor destroying power of the hydrogen peroxide in ECO2 leaves the carpet bright and fresh. The encapsulation technology insures dirt and detergent residues are removed. The Port-A-Scrub literally floats over the plush carpet when cleaning, leaving a freshly groomed appearance. The customer is saving substantial time and money while maintaining the high standards of a 4 star property. The sales person has become a trusted consultant and is now called upon routinely to assist in problem solving.

The Moral of the Story? Solve problems…Sell More!!!
Minuteman Port-A-Scrub 12 with help of ECO2 loosens soil and encapsulates dirt for easy vacuuming upon drying. Effortlessly floats over even plush carpet.
ECO2 and Gotcha Cleaning White Chair
ECO2 was also used with an extractor to clean the white upholstered furniture.
ECO2 is Now CRI certified!!
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