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Why You Should (And How to) Keep Your Bathroom Floor Dry

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The bathroom is where we spend a lot of time cleansing and getting refreshed.  However, nowadays, people prefer dry floors to avoid the irritable wet feeling while avoiding slips and accidents. Wet floors, besides being messy, are potentially hazardous and adversely affect the hygiene levels of the bathroom.

Keeping the bathroom floor dry post showers might seem impossible, but you can use the tips and tricks mentioned in this article. You can even add a few upgrades to your bathroom, which will maintain moisture depletion while also making your showering experience feel divine!

5 Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Floor Dry

  1.   Install A Shower Enclosure

Adding a shower enclosure is among the easiest ways to keep your bathroom floor dry.  A shower enclosure restricts the movement of water within its walls.  A significant consequence is that none of the extra water you splash around reaches your bathroom floor.  Nowadays, several stylish water enclosures are out there in the market.  Besides fulfilling their apparent goal of preventing water spillage, they also add a gorgeous touch to your bathroom. However, you can also stick to the simple glass enclosures, making your bathroom appear bigger and neatly partition the space.

  1.   Switch to water-resistant tiles

Your bathroom tiles have a crucial role in keeping your bathroom floor dry, with the right type of tiles having the potential to do wonders.  A straightforward method to improve your bathroom floor is to install moisture-resistant tiles.  Besides keeping excess moisture away, as apparent in the name, such tiles are also anti-skid in nature. However, perhaps the most notable feature of these tiles is preventing the growth of harmful microbial molds. As such microbes require humidity for expansion, the moisture-resistance of the tiles quickly decimates any dangerous entities for hygiene.  Thus, by preventing exasperating moisture, mold growths, and slips, these tiles create a safe environment in your bathroom.

  1.   Use high-quality cleaning products

You might feel attracted to cheaper cleaning products due to their price. However, the quality of such products mirrors the price, as they contain toxic substances.  Besides harming the interior of your house, the dangerous chemical reactions from these products can also damage your health. Thus, always use high-quality cleaning products to keep your bathroom clean and dry while keeping yourself and your family safe. 

  1.   Ample Ventilation

One of the most important, and one of the easiest things, to maintain a dry bathroom is to provide adequate ventilation. We all are aware of the importance of ventilation, the absence of which causes suffocation. Equally important is its role in our aim regarding the bathroom, as a lack of proper ventilation allows all the moisture from your shower, sink, bathroom floor tiles, bathtub, etc., to collect in the drains and unexposed corners. While it leads to a constant damp smell, a more harmful effect is its support for fungus growth. Simply exposing the bathroom to light and air eliminates all the excess moisture. This goal is achievable by keeping the windows open, although adding a good ventilation fan to the bathroom can efficiently clear up the humidity.

  1.   Basic And Consistent Cleaning

Adopting a consistent schedule, widely considered vital for any successful venture, also applies to the effort of keeping your bathroom floor dry and immaculate. Using superior cleaning products for disinfecting spaces like the sink, toilet, floor and wall tiles, etc., is essential. However, regular cleaning guarantees better results in the long term. Make sure that you clean up all the spills in the bathroom and the damp floor tiles after a shower using a towel. This cleaning has to be thorough in nature, otherwise causing mold growth. A good test is a smell; it requires further aeration if the space still smells damp after cleaning.


To sum up, following the tips mentioned above will keep your bathroom floors dry, which will prevent accidents and the growth of unwanted germ molds. Consistency and regular use of proper tools in cleaning will always prove beneficial, and wiping away spills immediately after they happen are easy steps that can be followed daily.

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Isha Tandon works as a Digital Content Strategist for Orientbell Limited, a leading tile manufacturer in India. Isha’s knack for understanding audiences helps her create value-driven content for her readers that not only educates and informs but is engaging and interesting to read as well. She creates lifestyle pieces that focus on interior design products, trends and processes. She loves to travel to historic places with rich architecture.

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