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Why would I want a urethane in my floor finish?

Acrylic-Styrene Polymer floor finishes have been around for a long time.   This post explains how urethane resins combined with traditional acrylic-styrene polymers can help overcome some of the shortcomings of traditional floor finishes.

Commercial floor finishes based solely on styrene-acrylic polymers have improved greatly over the years, but have some shortcomings as listed below:

  1. Brittle Bones:  Acrylic polymers require plasticizing (softening) agents to insure that the finish film is flexible for resilient surfaces.  The inherently brittle polymer can make traditional finishes more problematic on surfaces like synthetic gym floors, rubberized floors, cork floors.
  2. Not sticky:  Adhesion to some surfaces can be difficult, this can include terrazzo and concrete.
  3. More Shine or Durablity, you can’t have both:  Virtually all commercial floor finishes contain an Acrylic-Styrene co-polymer.  The styrene is needed to achieve higher gloss but it can come at the expense of durability.

Why Urethane?:  Urethanes are a class of polymers with special properties.  Urethanes are characterized by a unique combination of extraordinary flexibility and durability.  Uses of urethanes include clear coats on cars, dashboard coating on cars, gym floor finishes, industrial coatings, bungee cords, gaskets, and footwear to name just a few.  Often, urethanes can impart special properties to other materials as an additive.

Floor Finishes with Urethanes:  A floor finish that is built with the traditional acrylic-styrene polymer can be fortified with urethane to impart enhanced properties to the finish.

Key Properties of a urethane fortified floor finish:

Durability:  These finishes offer unbeatable black mark and scuff resistance.

Burnishability:  Due to the combination of toughness and flexibility, the finish can still be burnished with exceptional results without a compromise in durability.

Flexibility:  Can be used on more resilient surfaces like rubber, synthetic sports floors, cork floors and other hybrid flooring.

Adhesion Promotion:  Urethanes are also known for excellent adhesion, so surfaces that can be tougher to adhere to like terrazzo and concrete are good candidates for using a urethane fortified finish.

Multi-Clean offers a urethane fortified finish called Dyno-Shine.  The finish offers the key characteristics of a urethane fortified finish including durability, burnishability, flexibility and adhesion.  For more information, CLICK HERE to visit our floor care webpage.


Use Dyno-Shine on regular Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT), Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), rubber, laminate, cork, sealed wood, synthetic sports floors, terrazzo, and concrete.



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