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The Salesperson as a Consultant

These days you can find commercial cleaning products at Sam’s Club and Home Depot, or you can purchase from a catalog or website. Whether buying for price or convenience, these supply channels lack one important element: KNOWLEDGE.
The days of janitorial supply salesmen as order takers is dying. The purchaser really is searching for information that helps manage the cleaning process. Such top of mind issues such as staff training, cost savings, safety, green cleaning, budgets, and productivity are of daily concern. It boils down to how to get the job done faster, better, easier, safer, greener and of course less expensively. Key issues such as easy ordering, billing and rapid delivery are also important.
To not only survive but thrive, delivering the knowledge the end users wants represents a great selling opportunity. By becoming a trusted source of knowledge, the salesperson gets closer to the customer, developing an intensely loyal, long term customer.
The Consultant/Salesperson must rely not only on his own organization, but vendors that supplies his company with products. Quality vendors can be a great source of information. At Multi-Clean, our business model is built around delivering support, training, education, and products as our value bundle. The hope is that our distributors and their sales people will utilize this to add value to the products that ultimately brings in the bucks.

“Consultative Selling is the sales method that supports complex buying decisions by providing expert guidance from trusted advisers.” – Paul Johnson

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