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How to Clean Grout and Keep It Clean

Grouted Tile floors and walls are common in commercial and residential settings.  Ceramic and Porcelain tiles are the most common grouted tile used in commercial restrooms.  While the tile is well suited to  commercial settings due to durability and cleanability, the grout between the

Green Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide

Maybe you have heard about cleaning with hydrogen peroxide and wondered if it works.  Hydrogen peroxide by itself does not clean, but when formulated with the right detergents, a powerful green cleaner is borne! The short Youtube video below extolls the virtues of cleaning products co

Grout Care: Know Your Grout

The grout in your facility most likely goes largely unnoticed unless there are problems with it: soiling, discoloration, or loose tiles. Many facilities don’t spend a lot of time caring for their grout until these problems arise, but knowing your grout and how to properly care f