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Green Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide

Maybe you have heard about cleaning with hydrogen peroxide and wondered if it works.  Hydrogen peroxide by itself does not clean, but when formulated with the right detergents, a powerful green cleaner is borne!

The short Youtube video below extolls the virtues of cleaning products containing hydrogen peroxide, or read on for more details on how hydrogen peroxide products can solve cleaning problems.


What does hydrogen peroxide do?

Hydrogen peroxide is sometimes referred to as “oxygen bleach”.  It has the ability to destroy odors caused by bacteria, remove stains, and brighten surfaces.  Unlike chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide does not destroy fabrics, is surface safe, and non-toxic.  After use, hydrogen peroxide naturally decomposes to oxygen and water.

Where does hydrogen peroxide shine?  A few examples…

Grout Cleaning:  Getting grout clean and keeping it clean is one of the most frustrating tasks for cleaners.  A cleaning product fortified with hydrogen peroxide makes an exceptional grout cleaner.  The detergents power out dirt, the hydrogen peroxide helps remove stains and brightens the color of the grout.

For a detailed restorative cleaning process for grouted tile floors, click here.

Carpet Cleaning and stain removal:  Carpet can get stained quickly with beverages like coffee, sports drinks, soda, or alcoholic beverages.  In addition, it is a great sink for odors.  A carpet spotting product containing hydrogen peroxide is your best bet for removing coffee and other beverage stains.  Encapsulation carpet cleaning products fortified with hydrogen peroxide for interim cleaning help power out stains and leaves carpets smelling fresh.

Deodorization:  Natural decomposition (aka rotting) of organic materials involve bacteria that generate foul odors.  Cleaning products containing hydrogen peroxide are natural malodor counteractants that destroy the odor causing bacteria, and hence the bad odors.  One of the most common challenging malodors is urine odor.  Hydrogen peroxide fortified products can help neutralize urine odors and stains on fabrics, carpets, and on grouted tile floors in restrooms.

Multi-Clean’s hydrogen peroxide fortified line up:

Double-O-Seven:  This concentrated, peroxide fortified green cleaner can be used on a wide array of surfaces;  use for grout cleaning, deodorization, general purpose cleaning, carpet stain removal, carpet pre-spray and extraction cleaning.  Learn More









X-Ray:  A ready to use peroxide fortified spray and wipe cleaner for general purpose use in kitchens, bathrooms and much more.  It is also the stain remover for removing beverage stains on carpet. Learn More

ECO2:  This encapsulating carpet cleaner contains hydrogen peroxide to help remove stains and deodorize carpets.  This low moisture, interim carpet cleaner encapsulates dirt and detergents for easy removal.  Cleaned Carpets smell fresh and are free of detergent residues. Learn More




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