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Hand Sanitizer Beneficial Inside the Restroom-Multi-Clean Sani-Foam Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

Sani-Foam-galThe use of hand sanitizer, while popular, saw an increase three years ago, when the country experienced the 2009 H1N1 flu scare. Thankfully, the flu was not as deadly or widespread as feared, but the episode did underscore the need for greater public hand hygiene.

With a heightened awareness for the need for hand sanitizer, Multi-Clean suggests talking to your customers  about the many places that dispensers can be positioned for effective use.  Go the extra mile to remind them of the smart ways they can encourage people to use hand sanitizer in common sense ways. It’s easier than ever to stay clean and healthy, and if you make it easy for people, if you put hand sanitizer in front of them to use, the more likely they are to use it.

Hand sanitizer dispensers are often placed in locations without a water source, but many facilities are also installing them inside the restroom.

We at Multi-Clean offer Sani-Foam Non-Alcohol Hand Santizer,  which contains moisturizers that will leave your hands smooth and soft with repeated use which will not cause dry chapped hands.  Sani-Foam Foaming Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is a no-rinse foaming hand sanitizer that can be used to kill 99.999% of the germs on your hands.  Our water based sanitizer has been specially formulated with a unique quaternary ammonium antimicrobial compound (Benzalkonium Chloride, USP) which is highly effective against typical gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial organisms.

If you put the dispensers too far away from the sinks, people do not recognize what they are and walk right past them, so placing hand sanitizer dispensers by the exit door helps ensure hands are actually cleaned, especially for patrons in a hurry who may not wash their hands long enough or not at all.  Also, if people get distracted and forget to wash their hands they can see one final reminder before exiting.

When identifying ideal locations for hand sanitizer dispensers and stands, jan/san distributors should not forget about the restroom even though soap and water are readily available.  Contact Multi-Clean at 1-800-433-6816 to learn more!

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