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Bad odors permeate carpet

How to remove bad odors from carpet using bio-enzymatics

Carpet can be a breeding ground for bad odors that permeate a facility or a residence.  Conventional carpet cleaning processes often fail to remove the smells.

Why are odors so difficult to remove?  Lingering bad odors in carpet are often caused by decomposing organic materials such as urine and other bodily fluids, dairy products, meat, poultry, plant based materials, beverages, tobacco, and pet dander.

Odor causing bacteria are the culprits and they know how to hide from conventional cleaning processes.  Extraction cleaning, bonnet cleaners, or spotters typically address the carpet from the backing up to the top of the carpet fiber.  The odor problem can often be out of reach lurking on the underside of the backing or even in the subfloor.

Examples of lingering odors that emanate from carpets can include homes with multiple cats or dogs, nursing homes and other health care facilities, health clubs, veterinary clinics, day cares, schools, restaurants, cafeterias, and locker rooms.

The Solution:  Using Nature to clean and get rid of the odors

Perhaps you have heard of beneficial bacteria.  Some everyday examples where bacteria are used is in the making of cheese and yogurt.  A newer term referred to as “probiotic” bacteria are contained in human supplements that claim to aid the normal human digestion process of food.

In cleaning, we can harness beneficial bacteria that are specifically cultivated to break down the sources of odors and aid in the cleaning process.

Multi-Clean makes a line of cleaning products using beneficial bacteria and enzymes to aid in the cleaning process.  This class of product is often referred to as Bio-Enzymatic.  One such product from Multi-Clean is called TRIPLE PLAY, 3 in 1 Bioenzymatic Carpet Cleaner.

The Process: 

Cleaning products fortified with beneficial bacteria don’t simply work instantly.  Understanding how the good bacteria work in the cleaning process will help you optimize the process to get the best results.

First, know that the beneficial bacteria need time to find the food source (which is the smell) and begin to reproduce so that it can be consumed.  The bacteria seek out the food source and begin to break it down by releasing special enzymes.  Once broken down, the bacteria can consume the source of the odor.  Once this is done, the SMELL IS GONE!  Moisture helps the whole process happen, so the longer dry times associated with hot water carpet extraction are beneficial.

More Information on Multi-Clean TRIPLE PLAY:

Triple Play 3 in 1 Carpet Cleaner can be used for stain removal, bonnet cleaning, and extraction cleaning of carpets.  Using Triple Play in the solution tank of an extractor helps inject the bio-enzymatic solution deep into the carpet to attack odors. 

Related Bio-Enzymatic Products:  Bio-Power Plus is a bio-enzymatic stain and odor remover for Urine and other lingering odors in carpet.  It helps destroy odors from urine, bodily fluids, animals and other organic odors.

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