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2012 ISSA Innovations Award for Services and Technology – Multi-Clean

Chemistry-Works-WebDear Loyal Readers;

I am continually dismayed by the demonizing of the word CHEMICAL and the misleading implication that chemicals are universally bad for people and the environment. Buyer beware when someone throws around the word chemical with reckless abandon in the commercial cleaning industry, because they are about to try to sell you something.  That could be their influence or some self proclaimed innovative device that claims to not have to use the evil chemicals.

Its a plain fact, chemicals are necessary for life, and virtually all processes, including the functioning of the human body are based upon chemicals and chemical processes.
At Multi-Clean, we work hard to develop the safest possible cleaning chemicals and unique delivery systems that minimize waste and enhance cleaning efficiency.  Our patented Multi-Task Dilution Control System is representative of a true innovation.  Our philosophy is simple, Chemistry Works, and chemicals, YES CHEMICALS, make our lives easier, the world safer, and our surroundings cleaner.

Multi-Clean is proud to be in the running for the 2012 ISSA Innovations Award under the Services and Technology category.  Please cast your Vote for Multi-Clean and the patented Multi-Task Dispensing System for the ISSA Innovation Award by visiting


Mike Tarvin

Vice President

Multi-Clean, Inc

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