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How to fix slippery gym floors

Gym floors that become slippery can be a serious problem.  Sports floors that lack the necessary traction can result in injuries that sideline athletes.  This can be a serious issue that gets attention of top administrators and concerned parents. To prevent floors from becoming a safe

Gym Floor Care: Extending the Life of Wood Floors

Gym floors, in facilities like schools and community centers, are often the center of action in the facility. Many different events are often held, such as sports games, dances, and community events. All of this can add up to a lot of wear and tear on the floor. In order to get the mo
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Floor Care Focus: Floor Restoration & Aging Floors

As different types of floors age, they accumulate varying amounts of wear and tear, and can become more difficult to maintain. It is important for maintenance personnel to understand how different flooring materials age and how to properly care for them throughout their useful life. I