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What type of flooring do I have and how do I take care of it?

Sometimes we run into flooring that we cannot easily identify.  This post discusses resilient flooring types and recommended maintenance for commonly used surfaces past and present. Old Flooring Types:  These surfaces are no longer used, but can still be found in old buildings. Asphal
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Floor Care Focus: Floor Restoration & Aging Floors

As different types of floors age, they accumulate varying amounts of wear and tear, and can become more difficult to maintain. It is important for maintenance personnel to understand how different flooring materials age and how to properly care for them throughout their useful life. I

Floor Care Focus: Fragile Floors

Traditionally, vinyl composition tile (VCT) has been the most common flooring material used for all types of floors in all types of facilities. However, recent trends, such as sustainability initiatives and design appeals, have brought on the more frequent use of alternative, fragile