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Magnified Germs

Disinfectants and Your Infection Protection

Disinfectants Promote a Healthy Environment Lately, there has been an increase in public concern over germs such as pathogenic bacteria and viruses. With this high concern, disinfectants have become a critical part of people’s cleaning routine. When used correctly, disinfectants can l

Components for Floor Care During the Winter Season

Salt, snow, and slush are bound to enter your facility during the winter season. These elements can be tracked more than 15 feet into your building, and once the moisture evaporates, your hard floors and carpets will be covered with particulates such as salt. Over time, if particulate

Floor Care During the Winter Season

Salt, snow, ice, and other particulate soils that trail onto hard surface floors can be a never-ending battle for your customers during the winter season. Particulate soils can cause significant damage to hard floors due to its soil and grit. There are two main components to hard surf