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Floor Finish Black Mark Resistance

When choosing a floor finish, one of most important attributes to assess is the durability of the finish. Durability consists of several factors, one of which (and probably the most noticable) being black mark resistance (BMR). Black mark resistance refers to a floor finish’s ab

Floor Care: Proper Mopping Procedures

When it comes to floor care, proper maintenance is key. Proper floor maintenance keeps your floor cleaner and safer for longer, lengthens the period between strips, and ultimately reduces maintenance costs, all the while making your facility look much nicer. One of the most common flo

Scrub & Recoat

Regardless of how well a floor is cared for over its lifetime, it will eventually begin to wear down and become dull and yellowed. At this point you may think that the floor needs to be completely stripped with chemical and recoated to restore the gloss and appearance, but this is not