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Winter Indoor Air Quality

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), most people spend approximately 40 hours a week in an indoor location during the winter season, where according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) basic information on indoor air quality, indoor a

Components for Floor Care During the Winter Season

Salt, snow, and slush are bound to enter your facility during the winter season. These elements can be tracked more than 15 feet into your building, and once the moisture evaporates, your hard floors and carpets will be covered with particulates such as salt. Over time, if particulate

Dilution Control System – Portable Proportioners

Dilution control systems can significantly reduce cleaning time, cut down on cleaning cost and are easy to use. In absence of chemical dispensers, end users would have to manually dilute chemicals, which is typically an inaccurate process and can become very costly over time. Manual d

You can’t clean with just water! Here’s why.

How do cleaning products work? Every day, people use cleaning chemicals to remove dirt and unwanted contaminants from surfaces.  Through the use of cleaning chemicals, surfaces are made more hygienic and the indoor environment is made safer for people.  Cleaning chemicals are similar 

How pH affects cleaning power

Cleaning products have different cleaning attributes based on the cleaning target, whether the product is designed to clean windows, or is designed for heavy duty degreasing. An attribute that affects all cleaning products is pH. Knowing what the cleaning target is, choosing the corre

Floor Care During the Winter Season

Salt, snow, ice, and other particulate soils that trail onto hard surface floors can be a never-ending battle for your customers during the winter season. Particulate soils can cause significant damage to hard floors due to its soil and grit. There are two main components to hard surf

Janitorial Supplies, Commercial Cleaning Supplies and Green Cleaning Products at Multi-Clean, Inc.

Five Critical Elements of Better Infection Control for Your Cleaning Department Whether facing a localized outbreak of MRSA, a regional outbreak of viral meningitis or a global outbreak of pandemic influenza, cleaners can play an important front-line role in containing the spread. But

The Equation of Clean by Multi-Clean

In the Beginning Long ago, someone figured out that when it came to cleaning, old fashioned elbow grease by itself didn’t get it done very effectively.  Then came the magic of chemical surfactants that when used in tiny amounts in water, created a powerful cleaning solution.  Th

Chemistry Works! Get the Facts: Are All Chemicals Bad? by Multi-Clean

When you hear the word CHEMICAL, what comes to mind?  If you listen to marketers of so called chemical free cleaning systems, they would have you believe that anything associated with the word CHEMICAL means it is toxic and bad for you. When used in the context of everything CHEMICAL