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New Technology in Removing Odors Caused By Bacteria in Athletic Equipment.

Odor Buster consumes soil and waste using bio-enzyme action. It's fresh mint fragrance leaves equipment smelling fresh and clean. The microorganisms in Odor Buster helps to consume and neutralize sources of malodors.

Odor Buster - Concentrated and Enzyme Fortified

Odor Buster

For padded equipment used in sports; gloves, shoulder, knee & shin pads, shoes, head gear and clothing. Padded sports equipment can absorb sweat that promotes bacteria growth, creating foul odors. These bacteria live deep in the padding which prevents topical malodor treatments from being effective. Odor Buster is a concentrated Bio-Enzyme product that can keep equipment free of odors for up to 6 months. A single bottle is enough for 2 treatments.

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Look for Odor Buster countertop displays at your local sport or hockey equipment store near you.

Odor Buster
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