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Hard Floor Care At Multi-Clean, Inc., we are always looking for new and innovative ways to help our clients keep their work places clean and safe. Floor care can be a large part of that effort for an office or work area. We carry a wide selection of floor care equipment. Definitions A

The Equation of Clean by Multi-Clean

In the Beginning Long ago, someone figured out that when it came to cleaning, old fashioned elbow grease by itself didn’t get it done very effectively.  Then came the magic of chemical surfactants that when used in tiny amounts in water, created a powerful cleaning solution.  Th

Hand Sanitizer Beneficial Inside the Restroom-Multi-Clean Sani-Foam Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer

The use of hand sanitizer, while popular, saw an increase three years ago, when the country experienced the 2009 H1N1 flu scare. Thankfully, the flu was not as deadly or widespread as feared, but the episode did underscore the need for greater public hand hygiene. With a heightened aw

2012 ISSA Innovations Award for Services and Technology – Multi-Clean

Dear Loyal Readers; I am continually dismayed by the demonizing of the word CHEMICAL and the misleading implication that chemicals are universally bad for people and the environment. Buyer beware when someone throws around the word chemical with reckless abandon in the commercial clea

Identifying Proper Cleaning Techniques Where Restroom Ventilation Is An Issue…

Studies show that building occupants will avoid repeat visits to facilities that have poorly maintained restrooms. Maintaining these areas means cleaning and disinfecting, but it also means ridding the area of foul odors — a difficult task in older facilities that have poor rest

Back to the Dark Ages of Cleaning?

Have you ever received a beautifully wrapped package only to find little or nothing inside?  This analogy might be how we could describe the OrbioSc-5000. Advertisements and pictures show workers happily filling scrubbers and spray bottles from a gas pump looking device that claims to

Water Based and Acrylic Polymer Concrete Maintenance

Multi-Clean has been trusted by cleaning professionals since 1946. And it is no wonder that our concrete care maintenance products and water-based sealers are used by some of the largest facilities and institutions in Minnesota, and across the country. We understand the needs of a wid

What’s in My Cleaning Product?

The more you know to help you make educated, common sense decisions If you have ever heard a sales person, so called expert, or consultant make blanket statements in regards to all cleaning chemicals are somehow dangerous, toxic, or otherwise bad, you know they are trying to sell some

The Fuller Brush Man Goes Bankrupt

In February 2012, the Fuller Brush Company, filed chapter 11 bankruptcy.  Many from the baby boom and generation X remember the Fuller Brush Man, who went door to door selling his wears to keep homes clean.  For those of you unaware, the company also owns Franklin Commercial Cleaning

Is Chemical Free Cleaning, Electrically Active Water and Activeion, Losing Some Cleaning Steam?

Has the customer finally spoken about chemical free cleaning and electrically active water? On April 18, 2012, Activeion, the company that promised to turn the cleaning industry on its head by turning ordinary tap water into a powerful cleaner announced it was ceasing operations.  Quo