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Do It Right!!! Proper Disinfecting Procedure in the Infection Control World

There have been a number of articles lately on the subject of disinfecting. Because disinfecting is not only a cleanliness issue, but a public health issue, the importance of disinfecting has taken center stage. Do it on High Touch Surfaces! Disinfecting everything in sight is not goi

Environmental Concerns with Triclosan based antibacterial hand soaps highlighted in U of M Study.

Environmental Concerns associated with Triclosan based Antibacterial Products highlighted in the University of Minnesota Study. A new study released by the U of M shows triclosan, a common ingredient in antibacterial hand soaps is readily present and appears to persist in the environm

Check out our awesome how to video on How to Properly Disinfect Surfaces

We are all worried about germs. Some germs can make people ill, some can even be deadly. The use of products that claim to kill germs are often used incorrectly. The purpose of this video to educate you how to properly disinfect surfaces to kill potentially harmful bacteria and viral

Kleen Sweep Series by Minuteman International – Your Answer for Quick Dust-Controlled Sweeping

The Kleen Sweep Series is your answer for quick dust-controlled sweeping. Whether the job is indoor or outdoor, large or small, one of the Kleen Sweep machines is right for the application. General Overview Designed for heavy duty commercial use Extremely maneuverable 18 inch adjustab

Defining the Culture of Clean, What Culture exists in Your Organization?

The Culture of Clean is defined as the perception that building owners/managers/administrators create amongst staff on the value of cleaning and its relative importance. Like the political spectrum, the culture of clean within any facility ranges from proactive on one end to reactive

Choosing the Right Floor Cleaners and Chemicals by Multi-Clean, Inc.

Multi-Clean, Inc. is a manufacturer with a 72 year history of producing high performance cleaning and floor maintenance products for the commercial cleaning industry. We believe that the best way to maximize value to the users of Multi-Clean brand products is efficient delivery throug

When a green Product NOT a green product

Some cleaning products that claim to be green are not really very green at all. We take a look at some pseudo-green products.  When you examine the big picture, a product that appears green on the surface may not be so green after all. Ready to Use Products (RTU) contain mostly water.

Specialty Cleaning Chemicals and Facility Maintenance Supplies at Multi-Clean, Inc.

Stay Healthy During Flu Season With the start of the school year, the threat of a swine flu pandemic and the onset of flu season, staying healthy this year may prove difficult. According to the Center for Disease Control, every year in the United States, on average: 5% to 20% of the p

Janitorial Supplies, Commercial Cleaning Supplies and Green Cleaning Products at Multi-Clean, Inc.

Five Critical Elements of Better Infection Control for Your Cleaning Department Whether facing a localized outbreak of MRSA, a regional outbreak of viral meningitis or a global outbreak of pandemic influenza, cleaners can play an important front-line role in containing the spread. But

Is Diversey sucking the air out of bubble wrap manufacturer Sealed Air Corp?

Today (Sept. 5, 2012), I read an interesting article about Sealed Air Corporation (stock ticker:  SEE) and how the acquisition of cleaning products manufacturer DIVERSEY last year is making the company a possible acquisition target.  The article questions the value of the Diversey acq