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  The new PowerBulk system of industrial strength products is designed to bring price conscious distributors a way to create their own concentrates.

PowerBulk is a unique system of highly soluble super concentrated matched liquid components. When mixed with local water, these components produce full strength products.

Eliminate Drum Handling & Disposal
Reduce Freight Costs
Save Storage Space
Improve Worker Safety
Reduce Overhead Expenses

Manufacturing and warehousing facilities require heavy duty cleaning products for floor maintenance and general purpose degreasing.  Regardless of the task, Multi-Clean has the right cleaning or degreasing product. 


Starter Kits:
Getting started with this program, a starter kit is available that includes 5 gallon Bag In Boxes of super concentrate and a new 55 gallon plastic drum. Each starter kit comes with enough chemical to make 55 gallons of ready to sell concentrate.


Formula 340 Pack consists of one Bag In Box of part A and one Bag In Box of part B.

Tough Green Pack consists of two Bag In Boxes of Tough Green.

Century Neutral consists of one Bag In Box of Century Neutral.





PowerBulk Formula 340 Degreaser

Heavy-duty, low-foaming industrial strength degreaser formulated to attack grease and grime. It is recommended for cleaning concrete floors and other areas where heavy-duty industrial degreasing is required.



       +     + 45 gallons water  =  



PowerBulk Century Neutral Cleaner


A daily floor cleaner that penetrates and suspends soils for efficient cleaning by automatic scrubbing or damp mopping.

Neutral: pH 7

This non-alkaline formula means glossy floors will not be dulled and Neutral Cleaner is safe for all surfaces not harmed by water. This can safely be used on polished marble-stone surfaces. No Rinsing is required.

Environmentally Responsible

Neutral floor cleaner is made from highly biodegradable detergents. Being Ultra Concentrated, you save packaging and transportation resources, which is also good for the environment and your pocketbooks.


Neutral Cleaner Meets USDA Performance Standards for

C-1 Type Products.



   +  50 gallons water  =




PowerBulk Tough Green Degreaser Environmental Degreaser is a powerful detergent cleaner formulated to provide powerful degreasing and still be safe for the user and the environment. Tough Green can be used in light and medium duty industrial environments. Use on all type of industrial floors: concrete, ceramic tiles, epoxy or painted floors. Great for use in warehouses, machine shops, manufacturing facilities or any industrial and institutional facilities.

Tough Green Meets USDA Performance Standards for C-1 Type Products.


+ 45 gallons water  =


  Empty Bag In Boxes while water is filling drum.             Fill auto scrubber using Rapid Station  




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